Bashir Ahmed took to Twitter to deny ever stating in previous years that SARS has been disbanded, but Nigerians were not having it and they released his old tweets.


After the IGP announced that SARS has been dissolved, Nigerian youths refused to discontinue the protests. They pointed out that the same promises were made in previous years yet nothing changed. They then released a list of demands tagged 5for5 and asked the government to meet those demands to show they are serious about ending SARS this time around.

Consequently, Bashir Ahmed, the Personal Assistant on New Media to the Nigerian President, took to Twitter to say that SARS has never been disbanded until October 11, 2020. He added that tweets flying around which he posted in previous years never stated SARS was disbanded.


He wrote: “Tweets from me, from 2017, 18, 19 and 20 on the defunct SARS, the reorganization and overhaul, etc. Please note that SARS has never been disbanded or dissolved by any administration until on October 11, 2020, when President @MBuhari directed IGP to do so.”


He added: “What has happened previously is reorganizations of the operational structure and chain of command of the defunct police unit, by various IGPs.   What the Inspector-General announced on October 11, was unprecedented. It was a complete dissolution of SARS. The unit is now defunct.

“There are various false and misleading headlines and social media posts out there saying the SARS has been disbanded multiple time is not true. Thank you!”

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Twitter users discounted his tweet by sharing a screenshot of a 2019 tweet where Bashir Ahmed announced that the IGP has “ordered the immediate disbandment of the Federal SARS, Special Investigation Panel and Special Tactical Squad.”


Below are tweets from Nigerians responding to Bashir Ahmed’s claims.

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