In a rare situation, housemate Nengi visited Ozo’s bed on Wednesday evening and found ‘cum stains on his bed.’

Although Ozo denied having done what he was being accused of, Nengi insisted that Ozo was helping himself in the house.
She also admitted having tried to masturbate.

“Ozo there are cum stains on your bed,” she said.

Ozo swiftly denied by saying, “Anything you see here is from the laundry. This place is too small for such a thing.”

Nengi insisted, “It’s a lie. Who was talking about it the other day, was it Praise or who? That you can just be doing your thing… tell me, have you tried it before?

“You, have you tried it before? Answer me first then I’ll tell you. Ozo, those stains I saw under your bed…I’m suspecting you. You have tried it in this house. You have tried it. Don’t tell me lies, you’ve tried it. If you haven’t you would’ve told me.I.wanted to try it one day, but I said no it wouldn’t work.”

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