A girl known as “Agatha Matthias” recently took to a Facebook group in a post in which she poured out her heart to a guy she wishes him to be her Val.

The good thing about her post is that, it is hard for girls of this generation to see what they like and go for it, Agatha did the opposite of that. She also reaped the works of her labour.

In her Facebook post, she narrated how she first met him in a chemistry lab in the University, ever since then she has been hoping the handsome guy will ask her out but he didn’t, probably cause he is shy or doesn’t want to get disappointed or worse he might not be into her.

She took all the strength in her and proclaimed her love for the guy in her post today, where she asked the guy to be her Val.

See post below

Agatha Matthias

Ochoga it took me alot of courage to participate in this challenge biko no fall my hand😂
Before i say anything further let me remind you of the first day we met🙈
It was at the Chem lab the day we did our first pratical in school ☺️
I was sitting behind seriously participating in the practical and my friend Stella told me a handsome guy has been staring at me i decided to look in front and see the handsome guy she spoke about
at my first gaze you immediately removed your eyes so i could only see your back i decided to continue my work but my friend kept on tapping me on my shoulder
at my second gaze you were totally lost staring at me i wonder y u were staring but Inside me i said wow what a handsome being God created and all i ever wanted since that time was for you to ask me out but you didn’t
maybe because you are shy or something so you couldn’t but today with all courage and love in my heart am asking
Please Ochoga be my Val

She also told the guy in the post, he shouldn’t disappoint her as she won’t be able to bear it.

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The guy accepted to be her Val and we don’t know what will happen next.

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