The country we live in has been shattered into a warzone, no positive thing can be found in this country, the support of evil is greatest in this country

Just last week, about 5 youths (both genders) have been killed in Rivers State by #endsars and now some women who pride themselves as “feminists” have turned it into a joke, making fun of the victimized males and ignoring the victimised females, they have received petty money from sars sponsors and are trending the hashtag #notallsars, along with unthinkable jokes and noise just to make fun of the dead boys and men!

Why are Nigerian feminists and women in general filled with hatred? Why is there no atom of joy or the radiance of “womanhood” found in these frustrated feminists?

I weep for the unborn Nigerian children, the mothers would be animals and they would raise beasts which will destroy themselves and their brothers.


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