Off course we know not all of the SARS officers are bad, but the good ones don’t protect the integrity of their profession, they are there when their fellow officers are committing atrocities and exhorting money from civilians, killing people extra judiciary, therefore they are part of the crime, they are accomplices.

You wake up on sunny day to pursue your hustle, while on the way, some group of boys cornered you, ask you for your valuables in a commanding voice, strip you of your hard earned money and take off.

In the same way, SARS “rogue” Officers on sighting dreadlocks on you, airpod, iPhone, ripped jeans, designer wears on you, you are tagged a criminal immediately, they pull up in front of you, ask you stupid questions, tell you to unlock your phone, go through your gallery, check your installed apps and at worst they tell you to login your social media accounts.

If you don’t have any suspicious activity or activities that could incriminate you, they will tell you to enter their van, take you to their station and interrogate you, while they are interrogating you, they will beat you up and at the end of the day, they will ask for ₦50,000 for your bail. Whether you have the amount or not, you will have to pay them in order to leave their station.

We have seen cases of extra judicial killings by SARS, just recently a musician stage named as “Sleek” was murdered in broad daylight by officers of SARS in Port Harcourt, he was unarmed, they shot him and left him for dead. We have also heard news of what some rogue SARS officers did and what they are still going to do if we don’t put them in their place.

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The difference between SARS and Cultists; one is uniformed, the other one is not!

Written with hope and music by Michael Smile

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